Today in Wisconsin Cannabis History: Pp. 202-203: The Rise and Fall of Cannabis Prohibition in Wisconsin: 1998: Thompson reelected after dissing medical cannabis

Tuesday, November 3, 1998: Running for a fourth term as governor against Democratic challenger Ed Garvey, three-term GOP Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson is slammed by the group Project Vote Smart after his campaign uses information on Garvey's support for medical cannabis from their website to attack Garvey. Thompson does not support cannabis use for any reason, saying that would send the wrong message to children. Ed Garvey says sick people should be able to legally use medical cannabis. Thompson is elected to an unprecedented fourth term as Wisconsin governor winning by a 59.7% to 38.7% landslide and carrying 68 of 72 counties.

Today in Wisconsin Cannabis History: Pp- 202-203

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